The Belltower

As you walk through Ecruteak city, the brass tower eclipses the sun and envelops you in shade. You and your partner pokemon look up, in awe at the grandiose shrine to a pokemon few have described. They call the crimson bird many things - a ressurectionist, a demigod, a muse, a grand bird of fate and destiny, but most importantly - forgiving. The story of the beasts you've heard since your childhood rings through your mind. The great tale of the world's wrath in war, and the sky splitting into a prism of colours, as three pokemon became immortal bastions of the wilds.

But stories are just stories.

As the sun hits you again, you prepare mentally for your fight with Morty, the reason you're in the city to begin with. In the distance, you see a strangely dressed man enter the burned tower. You had believed that the burned tower was closed off to visitors, so you and your partner share a glance, then rush towards the entrace. You see the gates have been opened, and ignore the caution signs.

Inside you see the man, leaned down, peering into a large hole in the centre of the ruin. You ask him what he's doing.

"Ah, I am looking for Suicune." He replies.

Suicune? One of the beasts? You laugh softly, everyone knows the beasts are just a legend.

The man looks at you as if you just insulted his entire family. "Suicune is not a myth, I have seen it with my own eyes." His tone and his defiance makes you doubt yourself.

How could it be real? But, if he's saying it is, maybe he's right.

"My name is Eusine, and I have been hunting Suicune for years," He starts, his anger fading. Suddenly his wardrobe makes sense.

You ask him a few questions, and he happily answers.

"Yes, This is where the three pokemon died that day, and the great pokemon Ho-Oh split the sky, ressurecting them from the ashes with it's rainbow light. The people of ecruteak witnessed the pokemon who escaped and cheated death, and feared them. The townsfolk became suddenly violent - causing the beasts and Ho-Oh to flee into the wilds."

Eusine looks down, back into the hole. You peer with him, and see...


He sighs. "I wish to tell Suicune that people are different. That we are no longer afraid of them - that we will no longer try to hurt them."

You nod, and he begings to walk back towards the entrace to the tower.

"Be safe," He tells you, and leaves. You and your partner question if you should stay, but something calls you to venture into the ruin.

You descend down the dusty ladders, and begin exploring the ground floor of the ruin, the sun beams down through the holes in the roof and floors above.

There are footprints in the dirt, unlike those you've ever seen. One smaller than the others, rounded, One medium-sized, with claw impressions stabbing into the ground, and one larger than the rest - with large toes and the impressions of fur brushing the ground around it. You want to call out to Eusine, but you know he is gone. In an instant, the sunlight above is cut, and you jolt upwards. A large bird fies over the tower, and a feather floats down from the beast.

It is larger than any feather you've ever seen. It sparkles and shines like a prism. You pick it up, and place it gently inside your bag. Your partner pokemon coos in awe and pride. You begin to ascend the ladders again, with a sense of unreality.

You don't see Eusine anywhere in the city, the townsfolk seem doubtful of your claim of seeing the large bird, and to them - the feather is just a feather. It doesn't shine. You feel frustrated, and decide to consult the Kimono girls for insight. If anyone knows about the beasts and the myths, it would be them; they perform the myths as dances every night.

You forget about your battle with Morty.

The kimono girls look in awe at the feather, then suddenly exclaim as a group that you must go to the Bell tower and show it to the monks. They smile and urge you to do so.

"Ho-Oh only chooses the best!"

The next morning you and your partner look back over the feather - it shines and glows more than before. You feel a bit of fear - why did Ho-Oh choose you? You aren't the strongest, you aren't the champion. Before meeting Eusine, you didn't even believe Ho-Oh or the beasts were real.

The road to the Bell tower was embraced with gates, and a monk sat diligently at the entrance to the main shrine.

"Hello there youngster! What brings you here?" He gleefully asks, standing up from his chair.

You pull out the feather, and he simply blinks. You explain your story, and that the Kimono girls told you to come. His face is frozen in shock, before he snaps back to reality and smiles. He bows, and you feel a bit embarrassed. He ushers you through, exclaiming that you must climb the tower and meet your destiny.

As the door closes behind you, the other monks see the feather and bow, clearing the path inside the tower. Suddenly, you feel quite overwhelmed. One of the monks tells you of how to climb the tower, and tells you what to do at the top.

You ascend, now at the top. The wind rushes past, and the sun beams off of the statues on the side. Bells ring in the gale, and the feather glows brighter, and brighter, until it is rivalling the sun and it's light.

A loud, but peaceful call rings from the clouds.

Suddenly in a rush, the same figure you saw yesterday eclipses the sun, and flies down before you.

It looks you over, and seems to smile. It furls its wings as it perches before you, and lowers its head. As you reach out and touch the great bird before you, it speaks within your mind.

You are not strong enough yet to battle me,
but in wake of our inevitable clash,
I will grant you a wish,
a gift of fate.

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