The Isles of Heliowl

The isles of Heliowl is a working title for my personal world/fanfiction/story of a future equestria, wherein a magickal accident happened when the new princess, Lillia-el, ascended to being an Alicorn. This accident amplified magick tenfold, causing the lands to explode upwards into eternally floating islands.

As a result, magickal mutations of both ponies and non-equine creatures happen as often as the sun rises. These mutations range from pony-non-pony hybrids, to eccentric and non-genetic patterns forming upon a creature's skin that will move and fluctuate with magic. (See the royal family's wild pattern decorations and accents.)

The story itself follows multiple characters: Lillia, her husband Aurifeln (a kirin alicorn), their children Carina and Orion, Lillia's student Juno, as well as sometimes the various ponies and creatures from around equestria.

Basic Worldbuilding

The Main city is called Eduinox, located in the central region of Heliowl, and is home to four alicorns - Lillia, the moon; Aurifeln,the sun; Carina, princess of dusk; and Orion, the prince of dawn.
Juno is to-be the princess of twilight and stars.
The royals own most of the land in Eduinox, but all creatures are allowed to open shops and build homes in the land lest it not disturb the wild magick of the land.

Surrounding the capitol are six major regions -
Iolecea, the region of winds. Pegasi typically migrate here.
Polimorai - the region of the seas. The largest region which inhabits all of the seas which are below the floating islands. Merponies, kelpies, capricorns, etc. All hail from the seas below. In spaces directly under the islands, creatures adapted to darkness have evolved.
Icathiael - the ethereal woods. Fae creatures of all kinds exist here.
Feroucilan - the region of fire and heat. think deserts. lots of dragons and draconic migration. phoenixes, gryphons, etc.
Jakkalaend - the region of spirit. Heavily cultured creatures hail from the woods and mountains of these islands.
Kolariscene - the inbetween. Koraliscene islands are small and divide the continents. Ponies and creatures of all kind live here, and many islands are temperate and mild.

Character Bios


The queen of the land, Lillia controls the moon and it's powers- raising it every night and lowering it in the dawn. Unshackled and ascended, her magickal power is rivaled only by her husband and Juno. As a result of this, she is frequently overcome by the ancient wrath of the moon which apexes during full moons, she must seal herself away. On days where the moon stays in the sky as the sun is shining - everypony knows of Lillia's seclusion. She shed the -el suffix from her name as she ascended, leaving it in the past.

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The king of the land, Aurifeln is a kirin-alicorn who ascended suddenly when Lillia did. Before his ascension he was a proud and skilled Kirin sorcerer, using his species's wild magick to repair forests, empower farms, and rescue animals. Afer the destructive ascension of Lillia, He then sought out the cause of the ruin before him - and found the new princess alone and in a destroyed castle, drained, and trying to rebuild. He holds the power of the sun, and raises and lowers it every day. He is quite social, whereas Lillia is not.

Carina and Orion

Carina and Orion are the foals of Lillia and Aurifeln. They are roughly 8 years old, and are natural-born alicorns. Due to their parents being different species, their horns are not quite... normal. Carina has two horns which wrap around her ears and a single antler, and Orion has normal antlers. They are twins and have inherited their parent's powers. Carina is the princess of dusk and discovery, Orion is the prince of dawn and peace. They are both quite adventurous, curious, and bright-eyed, but where Orion is shy and reserved, Carina is outspoken and brave.

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