Lost Fansites

A lot of fansites are unfortunately lost to time. Whether their url is saved, but only the home page remains - or that the entire site is missing from WebArchive, too many fansites have been lost.

Why were they lost? The simplest answer is popularity. Webarchive hasn't, and didn't save *every* page on the internet, and as such that one fansite we knew that had 5 pages, averaged one view a day, and although that site was cute, it was never saved.

Unfortunately this page will grow and grow over time as more and more lost fansites are discovered as missing links. There is little to say about lost sites, as memories fade and time washes away details.

Please Contact me if you know of a lost site, or have information regarding any of the sites listed here.

Fully lost

Arcanine's Fire Flash

A weird one, I do not remember this site at all. a button remains for it, though, as it was listed on a topsite (gotop100).

No links work, and there is no trace of this site on affiliate listings. I can only imagine this site was very small and basically never viewed.

Laughing Moon/Roiyarumun

My old fansite, what a shame. Only 2 graphics remain, a button i made for a friend, and a button i made for the site. I remember pouring my heart into this site, too. But alas. Freewebs was never a good host, and all was lost.

Vulpix Hollow

Another small site, but this time a button does not remain - a single listing on a very small and very inactive topsite, and a broken URL.

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