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This page is a large archive of fansites from the past, many broken, many missing pages, and many long forgotten. It is also constantly under construction.

Some sites will get additional information, others will not.

Do be cautious when scrolling through capture dates on Web Archive. Not all will work and some will take you to those spam link pages, as many urls once abandoned get picked up by spam bots and viruses.

Not all sites will be listed here. A lot of old sites have *many* affiliates and further investigation can be done on one's own via affiliate pages.

To access the webarchive page of these sites, please click the buttons at the top of each section. Not all sites will have buttons, and in that case I will make them one myself.

About Topsites (gotop100)

Topsites are not listed here, as frankly, they fucking suck for archival purposes. They *do* show and retain information, however, due to their coding, outward links are reference links and not direct links to the source site. This causes massive problems as few if any of these reference links are saved via webarchive, making the source sites either lost or harder to find. On the Lost Fansites page, I have gone thru many topsites and found websites inaccessable via them for recovery.

Recreated Fansites

Thanks to a wonderful effort from Wish-Jirachi, a longtime previous fansite owner, we can now proudly link to a nearly complete recreation of their past fansite, Kasumi. A world of thanks to them and their dedication. ♡

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Wayback Machine Archive

6th floor / PokeLegacy - Lifespan: 2010-2012 (old host) - rebrand + new host: 2012-2015

6th Floor was a massive hub for pokemon creepypastas, theories, and hosted a massive forum for all kinds of pokemon discussion.

Absol's Underground - Lifespan: 2010-2013

AU was a massive design and graphics website, very popular and often could be found giving layout tips, html advice, and being generally helpful to all that asked for it.

Amber Nova - Lifespan: 2010 (sad, eh?)

Amnesia Island - Lifespan: 2009-2010 (estimated, captures from 2009-2010)

Aorio-Hoshi - Lifespan: 2007-2009

Arkeis - Lifespan: 2006-2014(ish)

Arkeis was an art and gameplay site, with a unique project that involved one drawing of *every* existing pokemon, which in 2013 was 649, and they did it. On top of this they offered your standard pages of mechanics, game info, and free graphics. Arkeis was one of the oldest sites around, and it's old layout shows. In 2013 the site was updated and given a new layout, integration with deviantart and was abandoned not too long after. The owner's original deviantart still receives comments about Arkeis, but it appears they are inactive on that account.

Crystal Fallows - Lifespan 2010-2015

Rom hacking website w/ tools and resources.

Eevee~Valley - Lifespan: 2010-2013.

Eevee~valley was a site that inspired me to make my own. The webmaster was also a friend, and megan was universally helpful and kind. Eevee~valley was a cute little site with lots of personal articles and articles relating to making the best content, and being a good webmaster.

Link - No Button Available
Goldenrod City - Lifespan: 2010-2012-ish

Ho-Oh's Realm - Lifespan: 2010-2012

a cute site dedicated to Ho-Oh. Had a forum, oekaki, and irc chat. Some downloads still work!

Jolteon's Hideout - no button available.
Lifespan: late 2008-2010.

Nothing of this site remains. But it is not "nothing" enough to be considered fully lost.

Link two, to old host + name
Mijumaru's Water Oath / Razorshell - Lifespan: 2009-2012 (estimated)

One of the most complete fansites on webarchive. Nearly all pages work, and all old layouts work. The owner, Hannah, also had a RIP page for then-dead fansites. I believe this may have lead her to personally archive the site via webarchive, as it is probably the only explanation to how and why the site is nearly fully intact.

Pichu's World - Lifespan: 2009-roughly 2012

Pichu's World was a cute fansite with your standard content. The biggest draw to the site was the Oekaki, spriter's resources (game-ripped sprites), art tutorials, and their generally happy demeanor.

Pikachu's Hideaway - Lifespan 2009-2012

Random Island - Lifespan: 2010-2011

Ryuu - Lifespan: 2010-2012

Shocktail - Lifespan: 2010-2013

A very popular old site with a very social and, for lack of a better word, bombacious webmaster. An idol of many, tbh.

Suta-Raito - Lifespan : 2010-2016

Suta-Raito was a large website, featuring tons of free art, gifs, blogs, cursors, and they had a forum and oekaki. Not only dedicated to Pokemon, Suta-Raito also featured tons of neopets art and freebies. Notably, they did not have affiliates and the owner is active on Tumblr to this day. Their art was also once stolen by Neopets staff.

This website was a huge inspiration to me when I was young and was what lead me to asking for a (then very primitive) art tablet for my 11th birthday. I remember being active on the forums, playing neopets with various people I met from there, and even using some of their free art in my first fansite's original layout.

The Red Blimp - Lifespan: 2011-2014

The Sky Temple Of Lugia and Articuno - Lifespan: 2006-2013

a Very large and very long-lived site dedicated to Lugia and Articuno. Had a massive art-sharing platform and forum. A good, genuinely positive community for artists and art enjoyers. Articuno, the admin, is also reponsible for a *lot* of lugia and articuno fanart that you've probably seen thousands of times.

Twilight Harbour - Lifespan: 2005-2010

an absolutely massive fansite with spriting resources, forums, an oekaki, topsites, and tonnes of articles.

Valley Of Nightmares - 2005-2008

One of the most popular and most perfect fansites to exist. Tonnes of content and tonnes of love poured into the site.

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