Why this site exists

This site exists as a tool for inspiration, finding passion through content creation, remembering the past, and escaping from the increasingly centralized internet.

Fansites were a massive part of all fandoms from years 2005-2012. This site is specifically a time capsule for Pokemon fansites, as many people who are now adults and Pokemon fans likely interacted with fansites in the past - from Serebii.net, to The Cave of Dragonflies, to The Sky Temple, to 6th floor, and beyond.

Fansites served multiple purposes. Some fansites were news-based, such as Serebii. Some fansites were vessels for their creator's and other's creative prospects, such as The Sky Temple, 6th Floor, and Pichu's World Oekaki. Others offer quizzes, reviews of games, fun tools, and zodiacs, such as The Cave of Dragonflies and Altered Origin.

Many were dedicated to providing html help, free layouts, information on a specific pokemon, or existing in a weird balance of both personal likes and tastes, and sharing art, quizzes, and inspiring others to become webmasters. The sites that did this the most were Valley Of Nightmares, Whirl Islands, and Eonlight Valley.

as I've grown older I find myself looking back. Remembering when we did not all use twitter, facebook, tiktok, and instead... people had their own spaces. People had their own little communities uplifting them over a shared interest. Ironically, it makes me think of Tumblr. Instead of using tumblr, as it was in its infancy around 2005-2008, people pooled together and learned HTML and PHP to create their own unique, beautiful, and sometimes a little cluttered, websites. The vast amount of knowledge, of love, of community, and of passion poured into fansites over the years seemingly disappeared when social media became huge.

I do not intend nor think that fansites will experience a third boom in popularity, and replace all social media. But I do think that people should be more open to not living fully within social media, and take some time to create their own space.

That is what this site is for. To recapture, to inspire, to serve as a time capsule - to show and remember all of the love, knowledge, and passion poured into websites over the years by a community I fondly remember and wish I kept in contact with.

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